2016-2017 Capstone Project Titles

2016-2017 Team Project Titles List


1.  Automated Hand Hygiene Compliance System


2. Fluid Measurement Device for an Intensive Care Unit


3.  Lung-on-a-Chip Technologies


4. COPD monitor


5. Adjustable chair for school-age students with special needs


6. Motorized stage for in-plane mechanical strain application


7.  Research device for microscope adaptor for cell imaging


8.   Child restraint device for horse riding


9.   Kayak seat for small-frame individuals


10. Equipment carrier for greater independence of wheelchair users


11. Safety device to stop wheelchairs approaching harm


12. Adapting power seat in car for easy removal


13. Pump design for simulation of endonasal carotid surgery


14. Feedback device to reinforce physical therapy motions in children


15. Adaptive running chair with easier child transfer


16. Veterinary radiation head device for canines


17.  Portable patient lift in school or clinic setting


18.  Mounting Hardware for human control interface in high tech vehicles.


19.  Steering device for children to control motorized car