2017-2018 Capstone Project Titles

Group 1 projects

1.1. Ergonomic Steering Wheel Attachment with Secondary Controls

1.2. Accessible DSLR Camera

1.3.  Power wheelchair integration with the environment

1.4.  Wheelchair Tray for Individuals with C6/C7 Spinal Cord Injury

1.5.  Haptic video game interfaces for power wheelchair users and manual wheelchair users


GROUP 2 projects

2.1.   Franklin Park Adventure Center, Adaptive Sports Throwing Chair |

2.2.      Adaptive Paddleboard Seat 

2.3. Therapeutic Horseback Riding Adjunct Saddle


GROUP 3 projects

3.1.  Automated Small Animal liver perfusion circuit

3.2. Helicopter isolette safety device for nurses

3.3.      External Fixation Device to monitor changes in Tension

3.4. Flexible intubating stylet

3.5. Endotracheal tube

3.6.  Velopharyngeal Closure Force Measuring Device



4.1. Measurement device for knee cartilage defect size

4.2.  Arm and shoulder sling

4.3. Knee Device monitor for post-traumatic brain injury (TBI) assessment

4.4. External rotator exercise device

4.5.  Running Chair stability device

4.6.  Detachable probe cover holder for ocular in-vivo ultrasound probe