Application to the BME Major

Application to the BME Major (current College of Engineering students only)

Starting Spring 2021 the college will implement an admit to major process that will utilize one application for all engineering programs.   For details about the new process please refer to the College of Engineering's Admission to Major information.




Changing to Pre-Biomedical Engineering (current OSU students not enrolled in a COE pre-major)

Students who meet the following four criteria will be permitted to change into the College of Engineering pre-major program:

  • have a 2.5 or better cumulative OSU GPA
  • have earned 12 hours or more of graded OSU credit (excluding terms of enrollment through post-secondary enrollment programs such as Academy)
  • have completed Calculus II (Math 1172 or 1152); or direct equivalent transfer or EM credit for Math 1152 or higher
  • have credit for one of Chemistry 1210, Chemistry 1250, or Physics 1250


Students wishing to change into the BME Pre-Major should contact Lindsay Tolchin at More information about changing into the college can be found at Change to Engineering Pre-Major.