Alumni Stories

Ohio State University BME alumni go on to create successful careers in the fields of industry, academia, medicine, and others. Take a look at where some of our alumni ended up through these spotlight stories.

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Alumni Stories
Professional headshot of Grace Oswald, a woman wearing a blazer and button down shirt
Grace Oswald
B.S. '22, M.S. '23
Biomechanics Consultant, S.E.A., Ltd.
headshot of Caroline Karczewski, a white woman
Caroline Karczewski
B.S. ‘21
Test Engineer I, Medtronic
Headshot of Curtis Pierson, a white man
Curtis Pierson
B.S. ’20, M.S. ‘21
Systems Engineer, GE HealthCare
Headshot of Naji Chaar, a man of color
Naji Chaar
B.S. ‘20:
Manufacturing Supervisor (Operations Leadership Development Program), Thermo Fisher Scientific
Headshot of Divya Krishnagiri, a woman of color
Divya Krishnagiri
B.S. ‘20:
Production Quality Engineer, Conformis
Graduation photo of Maya Outlaw, a woman of color wearing graduation ribbons and a buckeye necklace
Maya Outlaw
B.S. ‘20
Production Planning Engineer, Abbot
Headshot of Jacob Thomas, a white man standing in front of plants
Jacob Thomas
B.S. ‘19
Clinical Research Associate, University of Hawai’i Cancer Center
Headshot of Matthew Corey, a white man
Matthew Korey
B.S. ‘15
Associate R&D Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
HEadshot of Stephen Mozelewski a white man wearing a suit and tie
Stephen Mozelewski
M.S. ‘91
Senior Product Development Leader:, Philips