Appendix J: Mission and Research of The Ohio State University Department of Biomedical Engineering

The mission of the Department of Biomedical Engineering is to promote learning and discovery that integrate engineering and life sciences for the advancement of human health.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers interdisciplinary MS and PhD graduate programs in biomedical engineering; participates through the Graduate School in a combined degree program with the College of Medicine leading to the MD/PhD degrees; and offers both undergraduate major and minor degrees as well as the combined BS/MS. All programs emphasize the direct interaction of the life sciences and engineering.

The Department’s educational and research programs provide preparation for employment in the clinical setting, in biomedical industry, and in engineering research. The educational objective of our graduate program is to provide students with the necessary background and experience in both engineering and medicine/life science, and with practical application experience, so that they are prepared to accept positions of responsibility in their chosen areas of specialization.

The participating faculty represent a broad spectrum of research programs, providing collaborative opportunities for student research in many fields. Detailed areas of research pursued by all of the faculty affiliated with the department can be found at Our research and educational offerings center on the following domain areas with a significant emphasis on translational research and the application of these techniques to address problems in different areas of medicine and health:

BME Handbook J.1
Ophthalmology Chair and Physician Scientist, Sayoko Moroi; Dean of the College of Engineering, Ayanna Howard; and Professor Cynthia Roberts at the Grand Opening of Fontana Labs.
BME Handbook J.2
Professor Herman Weed shakes the hands of grateful graduate students at the 2005 BME Department Inauguration.