Biomedical Engineering Minor Program

The Ohio State University Biomedical Engineering (BME) Department is proud to offer an Undergraduate Minor in Biomedical Engineering.

The objective of the BME minor is to provide a focused, educational opportunity in the field of Biomedical Engineering for students outside of the BME Major program. The Minor program allows students to choose from one or more BME 'Domains' and they are challenged to creatively integrate engineering and life sciences within the context of the Domain(s). The graduates of this program will be better prepared to successfully pursue:

  • Advanced study leading to research or professional practice in biomedical engineering
  • Advanced study leading to research or professional practice in health care
  • Careers in biomedical engineering industries or related technical and professional fields

Since the minor can take up to two full years to earn, the minor usually is initiated during the sophomore or early junior year. Advanced planning is crucial to meeting all course prerequisites. Advanced planning simply means that you must look at the BME UG Minor curriculum and determine which classes you wish to take and when you need to take them. There may be one or more secondary pre-reqs, so be sure to map it out carefully.

For successful completion of the BME Minor, all courses in the minor must be taken for a letter grade with a minor GPA of 2.00 or higher. No grade below C- will be permitted in courses comprising the BME Minor.

Step 1 - Map out your BME Minor Plan (4 required minor courses)

  1. BME 2000: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
    • Prereqs: Math 1172, Engr 1182 or equiv., Chem 1220, Physics 1250
    • Concur: Biology 1113, MechEng 2040, and Math 2173 or equiv.
  2. One Physiology or Biological Science course 2000 level or higher (examples: Anatomy 2300 or 3300, Biochem 4511, BME 2200 or 2800, MicroBio 4000, EEOB 2520)
  3. One BME domain course (BME 4x10)
  4. One BME 5xxx course or another domain course


Step 2 - Enroll in the BME Minor Program

  • Students interested in the BME minor must meet with Lindsay Tolchin to officially declare the minor, sign up for BME 2000, and plan future minor coursework and pre-requisites.  You may schedule a "Explore/Declare Minor" appointment in OnCourse.