Career Paths

Inspiring BioengineersCareer Path Recommendations for Biomedical Engineering Majors


  • Register with Engineering Career Services at the end of freshman year
  • Participate in internships, co-ops, and/or research
  • Consider enhancing your degree with a minor or professional certification (such as MATLAB or SolidWorks)
  • Take FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam during Senior year
  1. NEW for 2014: Online exam format!  All FE exams are now Computer-based Tests (CBT).  Learn about this process at
  2. Registration will open on November 4, 2013, and remain open.
  3. Four testing periods each year: Jan-Feb; Apr-May; Jul-Aug; Oct-Nov.  Registration usually closes about 2 months before each testing period.
  4. Register directly with NCEES:
  5. Strongly Recommended: Check out videos on frequently-asked questions concerning CBT format:
  • AIMBE offers a service allowing students to navigate career pathways in bioengineering, advancing the fields of medical and biological engineering.  

Graduate School

  • Participate in undergraduate research
  • Take the GRE exam no later than autumn of senior year
  • Be aware of deadlines: Most graduate programs have application deadlines in December or January for admission the following autumn
  • Search over 175 medical and biological engineering programs and institutions throughout the nation

Medical or Other Professional School