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BME Seminar Series: Dr. Art Gooray, OSU Technology Commercialization Office

Director, Faculty Alliances, Technology Commercialization Office
Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
245 Bevis Hall
1080 Carmack Rd
Columbus, OH 43210


"Technology Commercialization Process –IP101 and the Time to Market Best Practices"

The Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) serves Ohio State’s faculty, staff, and students by maximizing the impact of the university’s Intellectual Property (IP) assets, via commercialization, while providing high levels of customer service and encouraging the discovery and development of new knowledge across the university community. Dr. Gooray will present the mission and engagement process of the TCO, including commercialization funding requirements and an introduction to IP101.

The time to market (TTM) process is an empowering framework of action that brings together industry best practices, while encouraging innovation to a variety of value-added business models. The focus of this presentation will be on technology transfer/technology commercialization best practices for executing innovative competitive product solutions.  



Dr. Art Gooray is the Director, Faculty Alliance, Technology Commercialization Office at the Ohio State University. Prior to OSU, Art has been an innovative product development specialist with excellent technology commercialization and industrial partnerships experiences with a proven record of leading focused cross-functional multinational teams for high profile, multi-million dollar programs in highly competitive markets. Collaterally qualified by his vast experience as an adjunct professor, SBIR reviewer for NSF, and linking companies with universities and government research laboratories. In addition, Dr. Gooray has practical experience with developing and executing strategic partnerships with universities, regional manufacturing partners and funding agencies to enhance the R&D and manufacturing enterprises.