Apply for BME Graduate Programs: Step by Step

To apply for traditional MS or PhD programs:

If you have never been an Ohio State Graduate Student:

Plan ahead to have the following necessary materials ready for uploading via your online application:

  1. Application fee & form: A nonrefundable fee is required. Be prepared to write about a personal barrier or adversity that you have faced, the skills you used or developed to overcome it, and how those skills have prepared you to be successful in an engineering graduate program. What academic accomplishments, life experiences, and/or special circumstances have made an impact on your readiness for an engineering graduate program?
  2. Statement of Purpose: Describe your long-term career and/or research goals.  How does the degree program you are applying for (non-thesis MS, thesis MS, or PhD) assist with achieving these goals? For thesis-MS or PhD applicants only: Tell us about a successful research experience and describe your process for progressing in or completing that research. To be uploaded via the application. 
  3. CV or Resume: Should be under 2 pages and list cumulative undergraduate GPA. To be uploaded via the application. 
  4. Transcripts: Upload them in the online application or send (or have them sent to)  Please visit Graduate and Professional Admissions Office Transcripts for important details. While copies of official transcripts may be used during the review, please do not send copies of unofficial transcripts such as web or advising reports. If you are admitted, you will later be asked to submit official, complete transcripts from all institutions. Note: Ohio State transcripts will be provided internally so Ohio State undergraduate students will not need to request any records from Ohio State; they need only supply transcripts from any additional institutions attended.  
  5. 3 Recommendation Letters: preferably from faculty who have advised or collaborated on your research or taught you in class. Applicants are encouraged to approach recommenders early about their willingness to provide a letter when they receive an email prompt from Ohio State, based on information the applicant provides at the time of application. Applicants can assist recommenders who have trouble with the online submission in multiple ways. (Exception: Ohio State BME undergraduates applying to the non-thesis MS program may submit only 2 letters.)
  6. English language proficiency test score, if international. For minimum requirements and exemptions, please visit Graduate and Professional Admissions Office Additional requirements for International Students.          

If you have already been an Ohio State Graduate Student:

Applicants previously enrolled in another non-BME graduate degree program should select “Intra-University Transfer” on the graduate application.

Click to start the application for traditional MS (non-thesis & thesis) or PhD programs.

For traditional MS and PhD application questions, contact: BME Graduate Studies Office staff at or  


To apply for the BS/MS program:

If you are an Ohio State undergraduate who wishes to pursue the combined BS/MS degree, please contact Ashlynn Fisher at for valuable planning info and to ensure it is the right fit for you. She can set an appointment to provide you with the necessary application information and to assist with your curriculum plans. 

To apply for the MD/PhD (MSTP) program:

Please contact Ashley Bertran at for deadlines, admission timetable, and valuable planning info and to ensure it is the right fit for you. Application and program information can be found at the Medical Scientist Training Program.