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On-line Application and Forms

How to Apply for the MS or PhD Graduate Program:


1. If you are a current or former student of the Ohio State Graduate School:


2. If you are new to the Ohio State Graduate School: Plan to have on-hand the documents you will need to upload with your application. Click to Apply Online for MS or PhD Graduate Programs

Here are some checklists that will help you keep track of things:

How to Apply for the BS/MS:


If you are an Ohio State undergraduate who wishes to pursue the combined BS/MS degree:

  1. First, be sure to read the College of Engineering BS/MS information and BME BS-MS Policies & Procedures. Then meet with Dr. Ghadiali to make sure the fit is right.
  2. Next, apply to the MS graduate program following the normal graduate admission process (see #2 above). Indicate on the MS application your desire to enter the combined BS/MS program. If you are admitted to the graduate program, then you become eligible to enroll in its combined BS/MS program.
  3. To enroll and keep track of your progress in the BS/MS, you must complete APPLICATION and GRADUATING STUDENT forms: during the semester BEFORE you enroll (APPLICATION) in a combined BS/MS program, and in the semester you graduate (GRADUATING STUDENT) with your BS degree, you MUST submit this form to your graduate program. Read form for full details.