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2017 Ohio State Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

Biomedical Engineering (BME) undergrad seniors Taylor Yeater and Matthew Becker tie in first place at the 2017 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. The Denman Forum took place on March 29, 2017, at the RPAC.


Matthew Becker, undergraduate seniorMatthew Becker collaborated with Dr. Jiangsheng Xu, post doc, BME and is advised by Dr. Xiaoming He, associate professor, BME. His project is titled "A dual-targeting, mitochondrial-immobilizing nanoparticle drug delivery system to potentially overcome drug resistance in cancer stem-like cells."

Briefly, this project aimed to create homogeneous nanoparticle populations capable of encapsulating a derivative of a chemotherapeutic drug. Both the drug and one of the polymers used for the nanoparticles were modified with chemical moieties capable of targeting and binding to mitochondria, in the hopes that drug resistant cancer cells will not be able to expel the drug once it has entered the cytoplasm.


Taylor Yeater, undergraduate seniorTaylor Yeater is advised by Dr. Devina Purmessur, assistant professor, BME.

Taylor’s project is titled "Induction of hypertrophy in human cartilage endplate cells promotes angiogenesis and catabolism in the intervertebral disc".

Description: Low back pain is one of the largest socioeconomic burdens in the United States, and intervertebral disc (IVD) disease is thought to be the cause in many cases. This study was able to show that the cartilage endplate, a region of the IVD, can undergo changes that promote symptoms seen in IVD disease. These changes include loss of extracellular matrix, formation of blood vessels, and potential recruitment of nerve cells that lead to pain.

All awardees and mentors were invited to attend a special Denman Reception at the Blackwell Hotel.

The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, now in its 22nd year, is coordinated by the Undergraduate Research Office and generously supported by Mr. and Mrs. Denman, the Office of Research, the Office of Undergraduate Education, and corporate and private donors. The Denman Forum provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to showcase their research, scholarship, and creative activities to the OSU community and beyond.