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Reilly and Agarwal receive research grant from the Chronic Brain Injury Pilot Award Program

Dr. Matthew Reilly, assistant professor, Biomedical Engineering (BME), and Dr. Gunjan Agarwal, associate professor, BME, were both awarded a one year grant from the Chronic Brain Injury: Pilot Award Program 2017 (CBI) in the amount of $25,000. The goal of the Chronic Brain Injury pilot award program is to offer opportunities and resources to support innovative and collaborative research that fosters outstanding basic, clinical, and translational research and to encourage interdisciplinary teams of investigators to develop collaborations or new research opportunities.

Reilly intends to use this grant to study retinal changes in traumatic optic neuropathy. Reilly will work on his reseach with co-PI’s Nathan Doble, associate professor, Optometry; Stacey Choi, associate professor, Optometry; Colleen Cebulla, associate professor, Ophthalmology; Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, assistant professor, Ophthalmology; and Julie Racine, Ophthalmology, Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 

Agarwal intends to use his grant to study ultrastructural characterization of iron in Alzheimer's Disease. Agarwal co-wrote her grant with Dr. Dana McTigue, professor in the Department of Neuroscience.

Congratulations Dr. Reilly and Dr. Agarwal!