Ruegsegger elected to University Senate

Posted: February 27, 2018

Mark Ruegsegger, associate professor of clinical practice and director of undergraduate studies, Biomedical Engineering, was elected to represent the College of Engineering for University Senate. His term runs from Fall Semester 2018 until Spring Semester of 2021. Ruegsegger has been with the Department of Biomedical Engineering since 2001. In this new role, Ruegsegger will act as the ambassador of the faculty to both public and internal audiences. His commitment and dedication to Biomedical Engineering and the College of Engineering ensure that he will advocate for the best interest of his peers at the university level.  


“It is my goal in research, teaching, administration and outreach to promote the cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary field of Biomedical Engineering,” Ruegsegger said in a statement.  


The newly elected senators will be acknowledged at the March 8 meeting of the Senate. Congratulations on your new role, Dr. Ruegsegger!