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Ghadiali awarded $312K DoD grant

Samir Ghadiali, professor and chair of Biomedical Engineering, has secured a Department of Defense grant titled “Cell-Specific MicroRNA Regulation of Ventilation Induced Lung Injury during Hemorrhagic Shock.”

Brief Description: In military and civilian settings, patients who undergo blunt trauma often experience hemorrhagic shock and this can lead to significant lung dysfunction. Although these patients often need artificial ventilation, this ventilation exacerbates the existing lung injury and the mortality rate for this conditions, aka Acute Respiratory Distress, are very high (~30-40%) .” In this 1.5 year, $312,000 grant, Ghadiali and his collaborator, Josh Englert (co-PI), assistant professor, Pulmonary and Critical Care Division, will use a novel combination of lung-on-a-chip technologies and nanoparticle systems to investigate how modulating microRNA expression in specific cell types alters ventilation induced lung injury during and after hemorrhagic shock.