Biomedical Engineering Society host inaugural Women's Empowerment Conference

Posted: April 16, 2019

The inaugural Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) student chapter Women’s Empowerment event called Sculpting Your Future was nothing short of a success. The event took place on March 30, with sponsorship from the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Student Life Multicultural Center. BMES presented the event with keynote speaker Dr. Whitty Bradley (founder and CEO of Chicks with MDs and Loop Plastic Surgery, S.C.), two breakout sessions, and a networking lunch.

Dr. Whitty Bradley created a discussion with attendees focusing on the importance of diversity, ethical fortitude, and “taking a seat at the table.” The wisdom conveyed by her empowered all in attendance and will surely be implemented into our lives. The breakout sessions, Communicating with Influence and Supporting Your Co-Workers, featured talented speakers, Dr. Newton and Ms. Mason respectively, where they gave insight into molding current habits and taught techniques on how to create a stronger you for tomorrow. Dr. Newton highlighted the importance of creating a strong network of individuals to position yourself for unforeseen opportunities ahead while maintaining a vision for your future. Ms. Mason created a conversation about how to not only support the individuals around you but how to support yourself during stressful times. The collaboration between these individuals allowed for growth and support to flourish throughout the event.

Members of The Ohio State University, BMES student chapter.


BMES was honored to have hosted these impactful speakers during their first inaugural event of Sculpting Your Future. For those that were unable to attend, be sure to attend the event next year!

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