26th Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum winners

Posted: April 13, 2021

The 26th Annual Richard J. and Martha D. Denman Undergraduate Research Forum took place last week. The virtual event included a series of webinars held April 5th through April 9th, with each webinar being dedicated to a category of projects, highlighting brilliant undergraduate researchers and their work. This year there were over 180 students presenting in 21 categories and recognized 63 winners

We are pleased to announce the following three undergraduate students in Biomedical Engineering are winners of the 26th Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum:

Mukul Govande – Won 1st place in the ‘Medical Technology and Informatics’ category for his research entitled “Prioritization of Potential Targets in a Massive Multiplex CRISPR Screen.” Govande is advised by Dr. James Blachly (Hematology, College of Medicine).

Madison Hart – Won 1st place in the ‘Understanding Health Outcomes’ category for her research entitled “IFN-y and CD4+ T cells are key factors in the development of novel, antibody-suppressor CD8+ T cells.” Advised by Dr. Ginny Bumgardner (Transplant Surgery, College of Medicine).

Stavan Shah – Placed 3rd in the ‘Engineering: Life Sciences’ category for his research titled ‘Mapping of Iron in Brain Tissue from Alzheimer’s Disease using Magnetic Force Microscopy.’ Advised by Dr. Gunjan Agarwal (associate professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering).

Congratulations to all of the 26th Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum winners!