Drew Nassal's new paper out in Journal of Biological Chemistry

Posted: June 22, 2021

Congrats to Dr. Nassal on his latest publication entitled "Ca2+/calmodulin-kinase II-depenent regulation of bIV-spectrin modulates cardiac fibroblast gene expression, proliferatoin, and contractility" in the Journal of Biological Chemistry!  The study identifies a novel mechanism for direct phospohrylation of the cytoskeletal protein bIV-spectrin by the critical signaling molecule CaMKII.  Drew goes on to show that phosphorylation of bIV-spectrin promotes its degradation leading to altered gene expression, increased proliferation and contractility in cardiac fibroblasts.  It is expected that this pathway is a critical step in the transition to maladaptive remodeling in response to chronic stress.  In addition to Drew, the research team includes Hund lab members Beka Shaheen and Jane Yu, Hund lab alumni Nehal Patel and Sathya Unudurthi and collaborator Peter Mohler.