BME Teams Participate at the 15th Annual Engineering Design Showcase

Posted: May 12, 2022

After a two-year hiatus, the 15th Annual Engineering Design Showcase returned to The Ohio State University campus on April 26, with nearly 1,000 undergraduate students unveiling their innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Hosted by the Department of Engineering Education (EED) and sponsored by Honda, the showcase is a culmination of senior capstone design projects from all engineering disciplines. Due to the pandemic, the showcase was canceled in 2020 and only offered in a virtual format in 2021. The return to an in-person event was welcomed by students, faculty and visitors alike.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering would like to thank all teams that participated and represented BME in this event.

View some photos of participating teams on flickr. Read the full article about all the engineering departments published by the College of Engineering.

BME Teams

S50 Biomedical Eng Adjustable Squatting Device Zack Schiavone, ME; Alec Unver, ME; Keagen Sqrow, BME Mark Ruegsegger  
S51 Biomedical Eng Automated Endotracheal Intubation Michael Napoli, ME; Taggart Stork, BME; Connor Gantt, BME; Hossam Montasser, ME Mark Ruegsegger, Hamdy Awad, Nate Ames  
S52 Biomedical Eng Automated Urinary Volume Measurement Device Kendall Kearney, BME; Mallory Moehring, BME; Taylor Given, BME; Josh Arthur, BME; Kyle Gallagher, BME Mark Ruegsegger The Ohio State University  Department of Biomedical Engineering/Wexner Medical Center
S53 Biomedical Eng Automatic Implanted Port Access Device Simon Weiss, BME; Solomon Weiss, BME; Ben Yuhasz, ME; Trey Johnson, ME Mark Ruegsegger BME Department and Wexner Medical Center
S54 Biomedical Eng Calibration Ball Holder For Pre-Arthroplasty X-Rays Zach Root, BME; Tasha Bruner , BME; Amanda Palutsis, BME; Cody Radivoyevitch, ME; Ben Nowak, ME Mark Ruegsegger  The Ohio State University
S55 Biomedical Eng Ischemia-Detecting Endotracheal Tube with Oximeter Integration Jacob Smrdel, BME; Zachary Osborn, BME; Albert Lee, ME; Zhengcan, Wang Mark Ruegsegger  
S56 Biomedical Eng Novel Tunneled Central Venous Catheter Removal Device Sharon Brickey, BME; Christopher Hummel, BME; Jad Hussein, BME; Ryan McIlvaine, BME; Margaret Veres, BME Mark Ruegsegger The Ohio State University
S57 Biomedical Eng Small Bites Fascial Closure Device Michael Kaltman, BME; Nick Stahr, BME; Ved Katwala, ME; Corbin Winningham, ME Mark Ruegsegger, Benjamin Poulose, Dahlia Kenawy  
S58 Biomedical Eng Vascular Graft with Exchangeable Inner Lumen  Kenzington Kottenbrock, BME; Keerthi Kumar, BME; Tasneem Mohammad, BME; Jordan Rosales​, BME Mark Ruegsegger The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
S59 Biomedical Eng Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Port for Peritoneal Access  Celine Dagher, BME; Rithvik Turaga, BME; Charlie Staffeld, BME; Olivia Severyn, BME; Cambria Antonacci, BME Mark Ruegsegger, Benjamin Poulose, Dahlia Kenawy  
S60 Biomedical Eng Ab-Interno Tension Canaloplasty: A New Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Procedure Timothy Huang, BME; Nicholas Leahy, BME; Sarah Young, BME; Allison Southwick, BME; Madison Ray, BME Lauren Eichaker, Joshua Evans The Ohio State University
S61 Biomedical Eng Exploration of 3D Printed Sockets for Lower-Limb Prosthesis Users Adam Darwich, BME; Braden Jamora, BME; Grace Oswald, BME; Jay Davidson, ME; Sandra Allen, Industrial Design Tanya Nocera, Lauren Eichaker WillowWood Global
S62 Biomedical Eng Extending In-Hospital Telemetry to At-Home Diagnostic Cardiology Emma Gerken, BME; Matthew Isakson, BME; Xuanning Liu, ME; Jordan Rife, BME Tanya Nocera, Lauren Eichaker  
S63 Biomedical Eng Improved Glaucoma Drainage Device Regan Lawler, BME; Aymin Bahhur, BME; Alex Berkes, BME; Dimitra Bibidakis, BME; Ashwin Chidambaram, BME Lauren Eichaker, Zachary Mikolaj, MD The Ohio State University
S64 Biomedical Eng Investigation into mechanical ventilation and workflow optimization of critically ill patients during intrahospital transport Kavya Narayanan, BME; Gerardo Contreras, BME; Ethan Pozy, BME; Nathan Daubenmier, ME  Tanya Nocera, Lauren Eichaker GE Healthcare
S65 Biomedical Eng Patient Rotation Device Maria DiVita, BME; Paul Bowman, BME; Duncan MacKenzie, BME Tanya Nocera, Lauren Eichaker  
S66 Biomedical Eng MedForAll Wheelchair Mount Billy McCoy, BME ; Grace DeGidio, BME ; Christopher Wang, BME Alexis Ortiz-Rosario MedForAll
S67 Biomedical Eng Medical Device Wall Mount Bryce Baumgardner, FABE; Pranav Murali, BME; Jackson Haskins , BME Alexis Ortiz-Rosario Medforall
S68 Biomedical Eng Non-contact Detection of Human Vital Metrics for use in a Bed Mounted System Jason Keith, BME; Naoki Kamimura, BME; Sophia Vorreuter, BME; Lexi Wallace, BME Alexis Ortiz-Rosario Medforall
S69 Biomedical Eng Sleep Vital Detection Olivia Vick, BME; Caroline Smith, BME; John Driscoll, BME; Sean Lin, BME Alexis Ortiz-Rosario  Medforall

Multidisciplinary Teams

S33 Mechanical Eng (Assistive Devices) Radiation Therapy Head Frame Jacob Veney, ME; Isaac Green, ME; Taylor Kaeser, BME; Lauren Riggs, BME; Yazen Alfayez, BME Mark Ruegsegger The Ohio State University
S34 Mechanical Eng (Assistive Devices) Redesigned Crowe-Davis Mouth Retractor Janani Subramanian, ME; Payton Speakman, ME; Nick Showman, BME; Chen Liu, ME Mark Ruegsegger


S2 Integrated Business Engineering (ENGR 5902.02H) Hybrid Work Solution Ellie Guilfoyle, BME; Collin Aldrich, Operations; Dylan Seng, ME; Sumitro Chakravarti, ISE; Jas Bawa, CSE; Amanda Cheng, CSE/Finance Kristina Kennedy MillerKnoll
S3 Integrated Business Engineering (ENGR 5902.02H) Improving the Laundry Experience in the Dryer Brayden DeWitt, ISE; Maddie Heldman, CBE; Maariyah Ahmed, BME; Matt Young, Finance/Economics; Sai Nune, ISE; Patrick Lee, ME Kristina Kennedy Church & Dwight
S7 Multidisciplinary (ENGR 5902.01) Next Generation Honda Rear Seat Headrest  Matthew Lerner, BME; Zander Wigney, MSE; Aaron Hughes, ME; John Bill, ME; Izzy Brown, Industrial Design; Anna Cutno, Film Studies; Ryan Dengler, Marketing Bob Rhoads


S11 Multidisciplinary (ENGR 5902.01) Robotic Golf Simulator James Miller, Business; Carson Cooper, EngrPhys; Jason Scharenberg, FABE; Mike Schoenleb, ECE; Dillon Portz, BME Mike Groeber The Ohio State University CDME