Postdoc Hisey is committed to enhancing diversity in BME

Headshot of Colin Hisey, a biracial man
Colin Hisey 

Postdoc in biomedical and chemical engineering Colin Hisey was recently featured on the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) website for being an ASBMB Maximizing Opportunities for Scientific and Academic Independent Careers, or MOSAIC, scholar.

At The Ohio State University, Hisey is part of the Leading Engineering as Agents of Change and Equity Postdoctoral Scholars Program (LEGACY), which aims to diversify the next generation of engineering leaders in academia. As part of the LEGACY program, Hisey’s mentors are: Zac Schultz (Chem/Biochem), Eduardo Reategui (CBE), Derek Hansford (BME), Tanya Nocera (BME), and Andre Palmer (CBE). Xia Ning (CSE) has also joined his mentorship team for the MOSAIC award.

He has accepted a faculty position as part of the Northwestern University Recruitment to Transform Underrepresentation and Achieve Equity (NURTURE) Program in biomedical engineering, where he will begin in late 2024.

Read more about Hisey, his research, and his commitment to enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion on the ASBMB website.