Associate Professor in BME elected biological sciences director for the Microscopy Society of America


Rengasayee Veeraraghavan, Ph.D., was recently elected to serve a three-year term as the biological sciences director for the Microscopy Society of America (MSA).

Prof. Sai Veeraraghavan, BME

“It is very exciting and a significant honor to be elected to this position but also cause for significant trepidation, given the responsibilities placed in my hands”, said Veeraraghavan who has been a member of MSA since 2016. “In addition to being the premier professional society for microscopy in North America, the MSA also excels at training and promoting the careers of up-and-coming microscopists as well as bringing microscopy to the wider community through its outreach efforts.”

Established in 1942, MSA initially focused on electron microscopy tool development, but soon expanded to include applications of microscopy technologies as well as light microscopy. According to the society’s website, MSA supports “the promotion and advancement of techniques and applications of microscopy and microanalysis in all relevant scientific disciplines.”

Veeraraghavan’s own research program aligns with the mission of the society as his lab (Nanocardiology Lab) works to develop novel microscopy and image analysis technologies and apply them solve problems in cardiology, cancer, and neuroscience. Alongside this research, he and his lab are also very active with their microscopy-based outreach efforts implemented in partnership with the MSA (Veeraraghavan serves on and previously chaired the MSA’s Education-Outreach Committee) and local K-12 STEM educators. The goal of these efforts is to introduce K-12 students to microscopy-based experiential learning.

MSA relies heavily on the participation and leadership of volunteers to keep the Society moving forward. Veeraraghavan’s new role as a MSA Council Member will be challenging, but rewarding, as he helps set the goals and direction of MSA over the coming years.