Ocular Aging and Trauma Laboratory

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Ocular Aging and Trauma Laboratory

By combining computational and experimental biomechanics, custom instrumentation, as well as biochemical and optical techniques, we develop mechanistic insights, diagnostics, and treatments for visual deficits arising from aging and trauma.



The Ocular Aging and Trauma Laboratory studies the biomechanical mechanisms leading to age- and trauma-related problems with the eye and visual system. Experimental and computational approaches are used to examine length scales spanning from molecular- to organ-level. For example, cellular and/or biochemical events accumulating over a period of decades may contribute to macroscopic changes in the optical and mechanical properties of the ocular lens. During traumatic injury, mechanical insults to the eye lasting only milliseconds can have downstream biological effects over periods of weeks or months.

Accommodation, Presbyopia, and Cataract

Accommodation is the ability of the eye to increase its optical power to allow clear vision when vieweing nearby objects. Presbyopia is the progressive loss of accommodation ability with age. The biomechanical driving force(s) for presbyopia remain poorly understood. We use a combination of custom mechanical instrumentation, computational mechanics, and biochemical methods to simulate various aspects of aging on laboratory timescales to gain insights into the natural aging process.

Current Projects

  • Biomechanical phenotyping of mouse lenses
  • Biomolecular mechanisms of lens stiffening
  • Lens epithelial cell mechanobiology

Trauma to the Eye and Optic Nerve

Ocular trauma is the fastest growing type of injury in both civilian and military settings. We use a combined experimental/computational approach to understand the mechanisms of trauma to the eye and optic nerve arising from blast exposure and blunt impact. These models are used to develop diagnostic criteria, evaluate potential therapeutics, and design new protective equipment.

Current Projects

  • Pathophysiology of traumatic optic neuropathy
  • Novel diagnostics and treatmet of traumatic optic neuropathy

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Ocular Aging and Trauma Laboratory
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