Dr. Jun Liu is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at The Ohio State University. Her training and expertise focus on biomechanics, instrumentation, and imaging. Her laboratory has developed high-performance ultrasound elastography methods and algorithms to characterize the complex mechanical responses of ocular tissue including the cornea, the sclera, and the optic nerve head. Her team is translating these techniques to the clinical setting to measure ocular biomechanics in vivo. Dr. Liu has been a Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator for multiple NIH grants to develop innovative methods for characterizing ocular biomechanics and investigating their roles in ocular pathophysiology. She collaborates with researchers in Ophthalmology, Optometry, Veterinary Medicine, Neuroscience, and Bioinformatics. She has a courtesy appointment in Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, and graduate faculty status in College of Optometry and Biophysics Interdisciplinary Program. She has been a research adviser for postdocs, PhD/MS students, medical students, and undergraduate students; and a mentor for junior faculty at OSU and other institutes. Dr. Liu teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in BME. She is currently the BME Director of Graduate Studies.


Ocular biomechanics, high-frequency ultrasound elastography, mechanical testing, bioimaging, glaucoma, corneal biomechanics, optic nerve head biomechanics, scleral biomechanics, intraocular pressure