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Kimerly Powell

  • Assistant Professor-Clinical, SBS-Biomedical Informatics
  • Assistant Professor, Radiology
  • 1800 Cannon Drive
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-366-2252

Journal Articles


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  • "In vivo longitudinal assessment of bone resorption in a fibular osteotomy model using micro-computed tomography.."
  • "Clinical validation of an automated boundary tracking algorithm on cardiac MR images.."
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Papers in Proceedings


  • Niranchana Manivannan, Bradley D. Clymer, Anna Bratasz, Kimerly A. Powell "Orthogonal Super Resolution Reconstruction for 3D Isotropic Imaging in 9.4 MRI." in ISMR Proceedings 2011. (1 2011).
  • Yoo JY, Haseley A, Bratasz A, Chiocca EA Zhang JY, Cain D, Powell K, Kaur B. "A new transcriptionally driven oncovirus with Vstat120 expression has antiangiogenic and anti-tumorigenic effects." in Proceedings ISMRM 2011. (1 2011).


  • L. Latson, B. Kuban, J. Bryan, D. Stredney, W. Davros, R. Midura, S. Apte, K.Powell "X-ray Micro-Computed Tomography System: Novel Applications in Bone Imaging." in 25th International Conference of the IEEE Engineering Medicine and Biology Society. (1 2003).


  • KA Powell. "Image Analysis of Biological Objects." Patent number: CCF-7470PV
  • KA Powell. "Glenoid Component for Shoulder Arthroplasty." Patent number: DEP5596USNP