Ruegsegger, Mark


Mark's educational background is in Biomedical Engineering, where he received my BS and PhD degrees from Case Western Reserve University. His PhD thesis title was "Biomimetic Oligosaccharide and Peptide Surfactant Polymers Designed for Cardiovascular Biomaterials.”   His research focus was on novel synthesis and characterization of polymer coatings that elicit improved blood compatibility to polymeric vascular grafts. 

In 2001, he accepted a joint appointment to the Biomedical Engineering Center and Department of Internal Medicine (Division of Cardiovascular Medicine) as part of a University Selective Investment initiative in Cardiovascular Research.  In 2007, he transferred to the Clinical track within the Department of Biomedical Engineering and currently holds the position of Professor of Practice.  As Director of Undergraduate Education, he is heavily involved in developing policy and curriculum for the BME undergraduate degree program and leads the Senior Design capstone course. He received his Professional Engineering (PE) licensure in 2009 in the Metals and Materials specialty. In 2016 he was awarded the David C McCarthy Engineering Teaching Award, in recognition of ongoing efforts in teaching.



As primary instructor for the BME Senior Capstone Design course, he coordinates the multi-disciplinary team projects, which include Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and other engineering students, as well as mentors from the Wexner Medical Center, industry and the community. The success and expansion of this course has led to the creation of a Summer Design Experience for BME juniors, as a pre-Capstone experience of the engineering design process. In 2014, this evolved into an international event, by partnering with a professor from Nanjing University, China.  They are now hosting the international SDE (iSDE) at alternating sites, allowing students to experience a global perspective on engineering design and team skills. 

A particularly rewarding aspect of Mark's work has been annual outreach to promote Biomedical Engineering, and engineering in general, in local middle and high schools.