The Department of Biomedical Engineering currently has 32 departmental faculty and over 50 affiliated graduate faculty researchers and research opportunities abound in the areas of bioimaging, biomaterials, biomechanics, cell/tissue engineering and micro/nano technologies.

In addition, a major emphasis of our department is translational research and integration/collaboration with colleagues in the College of Medicine. In fact, many research laboratories are located on the medical center campus in close proximity to BME. As a result, graduate students in our program have access to the numerous technical and clinical research facilities across campus including research facilities at the Dorothy M. Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute, the Nanotech West Lab, The Ohio State University Medical Center, the College of Veternary MedicineNationwide Children's Hospital of Columbus and the Eye & Ear Institute.

Some of the examples of current areas of research investigation within the department include:

  • nanotechnology for cell transplants;
  • microfabrication of biodegradable polymers for drug delivery;
  • design of virtual bone dissection simulations;
  • biomechanics of tissue (bone, eye, breast);
  • magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy;
  • corneal topography;
  • understanding mechanoregulation / mechanosignaling in vascular cells / tissues;
  • mechanobiology of upper respiratory and pulmonary infection and inflammation
  • cancer imaging and treatment
  • and biocompatibility of novel implant materials