Section 3: Programs of Study: How to Create an MS or PhD Program of Study and Get it Approved by the BMEGSC

Q: When can BMEGSC decide on my request?

The BMEGSC meets roughly once per month in AU and SP semesters only. They sometimes do work outside of meetings if they learn that a student is in trouble or need, but many decisions require faculty discussion and can be made only at meetings. As a rule, the BMEGSC does not review program requests in the same term as candidacy or graduation.

The BMEGSC tries to be flexible and to make as many exceptions as possible. They know everybody needs to make an urgent request sometimes. However, too many last-minute urgent requests can pile up and place delays on the business of students who submitted their material on time. This ends up being least fair to those who are meeting the deadlines and patiently waiting their turn. The last and most important reason to get your program squared away early is so you don’t end up having to take additional unexpected coursework later.