Section 7: Non-Thesis MS Committees and Culminating Experience

BME Handbook 7.1
MS student, Kavya Narayanan (left) is congratulated by BME Undergraduate Program Director, Professor Tanya Nocera (right), for receiving the 2022 Richard T. Hart Senior Leadership Award.


  • Students & advisors may jointly petition the BMEGSC for waivers of program or committee requirements. These should be accompanied by a proposed or approved program of study whenever possible.
  • Petitions should be submitted in the form of a brief letter addressed to the BMEGSC and sent to and will be considered at convened monthly BMEGSC meetings. Last-minute petitions may not be reviewed.
  • Changes to an approved Program or Committee must be reviewed by the BMEGSC at least one full semester
  • before an Application to Graduate is filed.
  • Applications to Graduate will not be approved unless the student’s final BMEGSC-approved Program and Committees are on file in the Graduate Office and most other graduation requirements, as stated in the GSH and BMEH, are met.
  • Applications to Graduate should be submitted via at least one full week in advance of the Graduate School deadline. No forms will be signed by the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee until a graduation audit has been completed by the BME graduate studies office.
  • Remember that all degree requirements must be met and completed by the graduation deadlines posted by the Graduate School.
  • Review your advising report each semester and contact your faculty about missing/outstanding grades.