Weinberg Lab for Computational Physiology

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Weinberg Lab for Computational Physiology

Welcome to the Computational Physiology Lab!

Our lab research is focused on developing novel computational tools and methods to understand physiology and disease and develop new therapies.  Our research spans a wide range of physiological areas and topics, including electrophysiologymulticellular and subcellular signaling pathways, and mechanobiology. We study healthy normal physiological functioning and diseases and pathologies, including cardiac arrhythmias, fibrosis, and cancer.  In our lab, we use multiscale biophysical models and machine learning tools to study complex physiology and pathophysiology

Computational modeling is a multidisciplinary field, combining tools from engineering, data science, biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computational science. Over the past few decades, computational modeling has become an invaluable counterpart to experimental physiology and a powerful tool for predictive medicine – using models to understand and predict biological dynamics during health and disease to identify new therapies.


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Funding by:  National Institutes of Health; National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; NIGMS

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