Swindle-Reilly elected as Communications Chair for the Ocular Delivery Focus Group of the Controlled Release Society

Posted: September 21, 2021

Assistant Professor Katelyn-Swindle Reilly, has been elected as Communications Chair for the Ocular Delivery (OcD) Focus Group of the Controlled Release Society (CRS). Swindle-Reilly will serve in this role for a 2-year term (2021-2023).

The use of drug delivery systems to offer increased safety and utility of ocular therapeutics is a rapidly evolving and ever growing field. Controlled release systems have been employed to both reformulate existing drugs and design new drugs to meet the high potential for commercial interest and patient benefit. The Ocular Delivery Focus Group will support the mission of CRS by engaging researchers, industry representatives, and regulatory experts in the advancement of technologies designed to protect or restore vision. The members of the Focus Group are expected to be paid members of the Controlled Release Society, independent of their membership category. They also reach out to former or inactive members of CRS and other non-members in the vision research community whose work may benefit from the Focus Group to encourage their participation. This may include notable professional societies in ophthalmology like the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) and the International Society for Eye Research (ISER).

Congratulations Dr. Swindle-Reilly!