Appendix A: Suggested Courses for MS and PhD Programs of Study

Rev SP20; being updated by BMEGSA as of summer 2022

These courses may be used as listed, as electives, or may be petitioned for use in a different category. Courses not on this list also may be proposed.

Department Title Type Category
ANATOMY 6900 Human Anatomy for Graduate Students   Elective
ANATOMY 7500 Imaging in Human Anatomy   Elective
BIOCHEM 6701 Advanced Biochemistry: Molecular Biology   Elective
BIOCHEM 6761 Advanced Biochemistry: Macromolecular Structure and Function   Elective
BIOCHEM 6762 Advanced Biochemistry: Enzymes   Elective
BIOCHEM 6763 Advanced Biochemistry: Membranes and Lipids   Elective
BIOCHEM 7766.01 Advanced Biochemistry: Nucleic Acids   Elective
BIOCHEM 7770.01 Advanced Biochemistry: Protein Engineering   Elective
BIOCHEM 8990 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry   Elective
BIOMEDE 5001 Cardiovascular Bioengineering Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5110 Biomedical Microscopic Imaging Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5120 Biomedical Optics Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5177 Biomedical Atomic Force Microscopy Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5186 Biomedical Ultrasound Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 6430 Msk Systems in Disease Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5194.03 Mechanobiology of Musculoskeletal Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 6340 Polymers in Bioengineering Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 6530 Cell Plasticity Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5194.xx Ocular Biomechanics Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5310 Advanced Biomaterials Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5353 Hard-Tissue Biomaterials Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5359 Extracellular Matrix in BME Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5420 Mechanobiology Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5421 Tissue Mechanics Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5430 Finite Element Applications in BME Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5470 Cell & Tissue Mechanics Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5510 Tissue Engineering Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5550 Eng Principles in Cancer Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5560 BME Apps in Cancer Biology Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5580 Excitable Cell Engineering Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5610 Biomedical Microdevices Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5635 Cellular Nanotechnology Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5639 Medical Device Design Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5663 Intro to Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5667 BioMEMS Microfabrication Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5668 Biomedical Microtransducers Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 5669 Principles and Design Theory for Adv Med Devices Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 6113 Magnetic Res Spectro & Imaging I Engineering Fundamental
BIOMEDE 7114 Magnetic Res Spectro & Imaging II Engineering Fundamental
BIOPHRM 5300 Molecular Pharmacology   Elective
BIOPHRM 5600 Introduction to General Pharmacology   Elective
BIOPHRM 5852 Biology of Aging   Elective
BIOPHRM 7050 Neurobiology of Disease   Elective
BIOPHRM 7560 Clinical Trials I: Design and Regulation   Elective
BIOPHRM 8300 Molecular Pharmacology and Human Disease   Elective
BIOPHYS 6702 Advanced Experimental Methods in Biophysics   Elective
BUSMHR 7525 Global Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership Business/Tech Elective
BUSMHR 7531 Technology Ventures Lab Business/Tech Elective
CBE 5765 Principles of Biochemical Eng   Elective
CBE 5774 Polymer Membranes   Elective
CBE 5775 Rheology of Fluids   Elective
CBE 5777 Introduction to Polymer Engineering at Macro-, Micro-, and   Elective
CBE 5779 Design and Analysis of Experiments   Req
CBE 8815 Advanced Transport   Elective
CHEM 5520 Nanochemistry   Elective
CHEM 7160 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy   Elective
CHEM 7370 Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials   Elective
CHEM 7380 Inorganic Materials   Elective
CHEM 7590 Molecular Simulation of Materials   Elective
CSE 5526 Introduction to Neural Networks   Elective
DENT 8209 Biomechanics I   Elective
DENT 8211 Orthodontic Materials   Elective
DENT 8471 Dental Materials Metals and Polymers   Elective
DENT 8472 Dental Materials: Ceramics and Polymers   Elective
DENT 8840 Current Issues in Oral Biology   Elective
ECE 5012 Integrated Optics   Elective
ECE 5025 Power Electronic Devices, Circuits, & Applications   Elective
ECE 5033 Surfaces and Interfaces of Electronic Materials   Elective
ECE 5037 Solid-state Electronics and Photonics Lab   Elective
ECE 5070 Neuroengineering and Neuroprosthetics   Elective
ECE 5131 Lasers   Elective
ECE 5200 Intro to Digital Signal Processing   Elective
ECE 5206 Medical Imaging and Processing   Elective
ECE 5207 Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory   Elective
ECE 5362 Computer Architecture and Design   Elective
ECE 5460 Image Processing   Elective
ECE 5530 Fund of Semicond for Micro- & Opto-elect and Photonics   Elective
ECE 6001 Probability and Random Variables   Elective
ECE 6010 Electromagnetic Field Theory I   Elective
ECE 6011 Bioelectromagnetics   Elective
ECE 6030 Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Design   Elective
ECE 6202 Stochastic Signal Processing   Elective
ECE 6531 Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices   Elective
ECE 6532 Nanofabrication and Nanoscale Devices   Elective
ECE 6750 Linear Systems Theory   Elective
ECE 7868 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning   Elective
ENGREDU 7780 Research Design in Engineering Education Teaching/Education Elective
FABENG 7220 College Teaching in Engineering Teaching/Education Elective
FABENG 7230 Probabilistic Methods in Engineering Design   Elective
HTHRHSC 5100 Introduction to Assistive Technology   Elective
HTHRHSC 5200 Assistive Technology for Seating and Mobility   Elective
HTHRHSC 5400 Computer, Communication and Control Technologies for Individuals   Elective
HTHRHSC 5450 Assistive Technology for Sports and Recreation   Elective
HTHRHSC 5500 Introduction to Pathophysiology   Elective
HTHRHSC 5510 Pharmacological Aspects of Practice in Health and Rehabilitation   Elective
HTHRHSC 7100 Introduction to Health & Rehabilitation Science I   Elective
HTHRHSC 7400 Injury Biomechanics: Topics in Mechanisms and Prevention   Elective
HTHRHSC 7410 Advanced Structure and Function of the Human Body   Fundamental
HTHRHSC 7411 Injury Biomechanics-Foundations and Experience   Fundamental
HTHRHSC 8680 Experimental Methods in Biomechanics   Elective
ISE 5110 Design of Engineering Experiment   Req
ISE 5600 Principles of Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics   Elective
ISE 5610 Ergonomics in the Product Design Process   Elective
ISE 5683 Fundamentals of Product Design Engineering Laboratory   Elective
ISE 7610 Adv Topics: Spine Biomechanics   Elective
ISE 7615 Biomechanics Research Practicum: Experience in Spine   Elective
ISE 7620 Adv Topics: Upper Extremity Biomech   Elective
ISE 7625 Biomechanics Research Practicum: Experience in Upper Extremity   Elective
MATH 5101 Linear Mathematics in Finite Dimensions   Elective
MATH 5401 Applied Differential Equations I   Elective
MATH 5421 Mathematics of Infectious Disease Dynamics   Elective
MATH 5601 Essentials of Numerical Methods   Elective
MATH 5651

Mathematical Modeling of Biological Processes

MATH 8650 Topics in Mathematical Biology   Elective
MATSCEN 5532 Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties Lab   Elective
MATSCEN 5552 Nanoscale Synthesis and Processing of Electronic Materials   Elective
MATSCEN 5571 Electroceramics   Elective
MATSCEN 5611 Materials in Medicine   Fundamental
MATSCEN 5631 Biomaterials Lab   Elective
MATSCEN 5641 Structure-Property Relationships of Polymers   Elective
MATSCEN 5651 Biomaterials Processing   Elective
MATSCEN 5711 Intro to Composites   Elective
MATSCEN 5761 Mechanical Behavior of Crystalline Solids   Elective
MATSCEN 5774 Polymer Membranes   Elective
MATSCEN 6715 Principles of Characterization of Materials   Elective
MATSCEN 6730 Thermodynamics of Materials   Elective
MATSCEN 6756 Computational Materials Modeling   Elective
MATSCEN 6765 Mechanical Behavior of Materials   Elective
MATSCEN 7193.02 Additive Manufacturing   Fundamental
MATSCEN 7855 Electron Diffraction, Imaging, and Spectroscopies   Elective
MECHENG 4510 Heat Transfer   Elective
MECHENG 5134 Introduction to Vibrations of Deformable Solids   Elective
MECHENG 5139 Applied Finite Element Method   Fundamental
MECHENG 5144 Eng Fracture Mechanics   Elective
MECHENG 5162 Introduction to Laminated Composite Materials   Elective
MECHENG 5180 Mechanics of Biomolecular Systems   Elective
MECHENG 5372 Design and Control of Mechatronic Systems   Elective
MECHENG 5374 Smart Materials & Intelligent Systems   Elective
MECHENG 5539 Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer   Elective
MECHENG 5680 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing   Elective
MECHENG 5682.01 Fundamentals of Product Design Engineering   Elective
MECHENG 5682.02 Product Design Engineering for Entrepreneurs   Elective
MECHENG 5683 Fundamentals of Product Design Engineering Laboratory   Elective
MECHENG 5700 Introduction to Musculoskeletal Biomechanics   Fundamental
MECHENG 5751 Design and Manufacturing of Compliant Mechanisms and Robots   Elective
MECHENG 6505 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics   Elective
MECHENG 6507 Intermediate Numerical Methods   Elective
MECHENG 6510 Intermediate Heat Transfer   Elective
MECHENG 6515 Intro to Microfluids and Nanofluids   Fundamental
MECHENG 6665 Reliability Engineering I   Elective
MECHENG 6700 Musculoskeletal Biomechanics   Fundamental
MECHENG 7100 Intro to Continuum Mech   Elective
MECHENG 7163 Adv Strength of Materials and Elasticity Theory   Elective
MECHENG 7385 Adv Methods in the Dynamics and Control of Human and Animal   Elective
MECHENG 7837 Nanotechnology and Biomimetics   Elective
MECHENG 8372 Fault Diagnosis In Dynamic Systems   Elective
MECHENG 8514 Optical Techniques in Fluid Flows   Elective
MICRBIO 5122 Immunology   Elective
MICRBIO 7010 Cellular and Molecular Immunology   Elective
MOLGEN 5300 Cancer Genetics   Elective
MOLGEN 5607 Cell Biology   Elective
NEUROSC 7001 Foundations of Neuroscience I   Elective
NEUROSC 7002 Foundations of Neuroscience II   Elective
NEUROSC 7050 Neurobiology of Disease   Elective
NEUROSC 7500 Neuroimmunology   Elective
NURSING 7560 Clinical Trials I: Design and Regulation   Elective
NURSING 7770 Fund of Med Product Design and Regulation Business/Tech Elective
NURSING 7782 Clinical Research Design and Methods   Elective
NURSING 8783 Quantitative Design for Nursing Research   Elective
NURSING 8786 Advanced Design for Nursing   Elective
PATHOL 7847 Cellular Mechanisms and Pathogenesis of Inflammation   Elective
PHR 5270 Antibiotics and Microbial Natural Products   Elective
PHR 7350 Drug Discovery and Drug Design   Elective
PHR 7570 Pharmaceutical Safety and Risk Management   Elective
PHR 7572 Global Regulation of Medical Products Business/Tech Elective
PHR 7782 Clinical Research Design and Methods   Elective
PHR 8750 Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology I   Elective
PHR 8760 Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology II   Elective
PHYS 6809 Topics in Biophysics   Elective
PHYS 7501 Quantum Mechanics I   Elective
PHYS 7502 Quantum Mechanics II   Elective
PHYS 8805.01 Topics in Nuclear Physics I   Elective
PHYS 8809.01 Topics in Biophysics   Elective
PHYSIO 6101 Advanced Human Physiology I   Req
PHYSIO 6102 Advanced Human Physiology 2   Req
PHYSIO 8101 Advanced Cardiac Physiology   Elective
PHYSTHR 6250 Neural Basis of Movement   Elective
PHYSTHR 7235 Biomechanics for Physical Therapy I   Elective
PHYSTHR 8610 Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy   Elective
PHYSTHR 8650 Advanced Neurologic Rehabilitation   Elective
PHYSTHR 8680 Experimental Methods in Biomechanics   Elective
PSYCH 5425 Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging   Elective
PSYCH 5614 Cognitive Neuroscience   Elective
PSYCH 5618 Introduction to Computational Cognitive Neuroscience   Elective
PSYCH 5621 Introduction to the Event-Related-Potentials   Elective
PSYCH 5628 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience   Elective
PUBHBIO 6210 Design and Analysis of Studies in the Health Sciences I   Elective
RADIOLG 6813 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging I   Elective
STAT 5301 Intermediate Data Analysis I   Elective
STAT 6410 Design and Analysis of Experiments   Elective
STAT 6450 Applied Regression Analysis   Elective
STAT 6540 Applied Stochastic Processes   Elective
STAT 6625 Statistical Analysis of Genetic Data   Elective
STAT 8460 Special Topics in Design of Experiments   Elective
VETBIOS 7790 Electrocardiography   Elective
VISSCI 8002 Ocular Motility and Binocular Vision   Elective
VISSCI 8101 Designing Clinical Studies   Elective
VISSCI 8111 Advanced Topics in Low Vision   Elective
VISSCI 8112 Advanced Binocular Vision and Visual Plasticity   Elective